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Book Review: The Negroni


The Negroni 
Drinking to La Dolce Vita with Recipes & Lore
By Gary Regan

The Neegroni is one of the simplest and most elegant drink formulas around: combine one part gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part Campari, then stir and serve over ice. In this eponymous book, barman extraordinaire Gary “gas” Regan delves into the drink’s fun, fascinating history (its origin story is still debated, battling Italian noblemen laying claim) and offers more than sixty delightfully varied and uniformly tasty recipes for Negroni variations. Raise a toast to warm summer evenings with fizzy Bitter French, or settle into your comfy chair for a pleasantly bracing post-dinner Oazaca Negroni. Detailed instructions for barrel – and vine – aging Negronis will improve the craft of serious enthusiasts and professional bartenders alike, and a chapter’s worth of edible Negroni recipes (Negroni popcorn, anyone?) will take your cocktail-party game to the next level. 

Gary “gaz” Regan is the author of the seminal book The Joy of Mixology, along with many other acclaimed and bestselling books, including The bartender’s Bible and The Books of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskey. He also writes the popular cocktail e-newsletter “gas regal’s Notion” and “The Cocktailian,” a biweekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle. He is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on cocktails and spirits. 

I will admit that although I’ve reviewed Leaf Vodka and SalsaCrazy Bloody Mary Mix I’m not that into drinking. However I was interested in trying out The Negroni to see if I could find a few drinks I’d like. It starts out with the history of the drink and then goes into recipes. They’re informative and easy to make. I do wish though that the pictures were a little more descriptive although the information about what type of container to use is a great addition. If you like Punch Bowls and Pitcher Drinks this book is one to check out.  


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