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Review: Hello Cutie Mud Mask


 I’ve been unlucky enough to start getting these terrible blackheads on my nose and cheeks. I’ve been using my blackhead extractor and while that’s been helpful it doesn’t prevent the skin problem, it just helps to fix it once it’s already happened. So when I heard about the Hello Cutie Mud Mask, which is made to hydrate firm detoxify and clear skin of course I was interested in trying it out. 

You can get it via Amazon, which is of course a great way to get any beauty product for a number of reasons. It comes packaged with a fan brush (that I didn’t end up using) and a grey tub with a yellow sticker. Inside the twist off lid it has a small plastic barrier between the mask and the lid which I recommend keeping so the Hello Cutie Mud Mask doesn’t dry out. To apply just add a thin layer over the face, avoiding too close to the eyes. 

Verdict: I love this mud mask. It has a blue/grey color (great for balancing out my skin color), has a nice mint scent and doesn’t irritate my skin. Best of all though is that it completely clears out my pores of blackheads and isn’t any any trouble to wash off. Something I’m going to be using at least weekly from now on. 


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