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Book Review: Dear Mary


Dear Mary  Lessons from the Mother of Jesus for the Modern Mom 
by Sarah Jakes

I am learning that many of the rights and wrongs of motherhood come down to what we believe to be true.  If we are wise, we will build children with only the bricks God hands us, not the rocks life has thrown us.  We will choose to believe God. No statistic, employer, bank statement, or matter of paternity can rob us of our promise.  Unless we choose to believe it can.
We can’t tell our children how to believe,  We can only demonstrate how.  I once believed in fear.  I even believed in pain.  I began to doubt love.  I saw my hope slipping away, but then I was reminded that I had little eyes watching and small hearts in my hands.  I may not be the best math tutor they’ll ever have.  I can’t guarantee each meal will be a hit.  But I pray each day that I will model a walk of faith for them and all those with whom I’m connected.  – Sara Jakes
Find Inspiration and wisdom in the life of Jesus’ Mother.
Mary is a remarkable example of a quiet, resilient faith in the face of adversity – fro the angel’s first announcement of her pregnancy to the death and resurrection of her Son.  She was witness to our Lord and Savior in  a special way, and modern-day moms can learn valuable lessons from her life.
In Dear Mary, Sarah Jakes explores biblical stories about Mary-as well as stories from her own life – to better understand what living for Christ can look like today and how to model that for your children.  Maybe you struggle to trust God’s will for your life.  Or perhaps you have fears and insecurities that keep you form realizing the joy God wants for you.  Through the example of Mary, discover the freedom that only true faith can bring, and get a fresh perspective on the amazing love and compassion of Jesus.
Sarah Jakes is a businesswoman, writer, speaker, and media personality.  She is the senior editor of the online magazine eMotions and, with her husband Toure Roberts, ministers to those in the TV, film, and music industries.  Sarah is a mom of two and lives in the Los Angeles area.  Learn more about her and her ministry at

Verdict: You always want to tell someone what to do. You want them to do it exactly your way and when they don’t it’s frustrating. Even more frustrating is when someone you love doesn’t take your advice. Dear Mary tries to make this easier for you, through inspiration from the mother of Jesus. I love the personal touch of her own stories and all the advice feels doable and sound. If you like Women Living Well or Fashioned to Reign Dear Mary is for sure a book to check out.  


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