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What to Wear to Breakup with Someone

Top / Skirt / Nail Polish / Bag / Shoes (similar!)

Being broken up with can be hard, but something most people don’t think about is how hard doing the breaking up can actually be. I decided I could put together an outfit to wear for breaking up with someone, since it’s something on my mind right now. I went for something that’s cute and sophisticated, so you look serious without being drab. 

  • Top – I know I always talk about how much I love crop tops, but with a high waisted skirt I feel like there isn’t any other option. I love the more boxy cut of this one in particular and the black color can be quite slimming. 
  • Skirt – With plain black on top I wanted a more busy print on the bottom. This floral is still feminine but more modern than the usual piece, especially loving that the cute isn’t a straight line and goes with the flowers. 
  • Nail Polish – For a black and white outfit a little pop is never a bad thing. To tie in with the bag (so it isn’t completely out of place) I added a red nail polish. The one above is Chanel but I’m also loving Covergirl’s red polish. 
  • Bag – The main focus of the outfit is this simple red bag. It’s a bright cross body with gold hardware as an accent and the envelope flap makes it unique. 
  • Shoes – With all the attention the bag is getting I wanted a simple shoe that’s still attractive. I love a more covered sandal and a high heel, both of which this shoe has. 

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