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Floral Print for Fall/Winter Outfit Guide

Top / Skirt / Sunglasses / Purse / Shoes 
Floral is one of those print that’s always in style, though mostly for spring there are a few versions that can work well for the fall and winter seasons. I decided to put together a floral outfit for cool weather, that’s modern, chic and of course classy. This look is more of an outfit for corporate or business look than a date or daytime look but I think it can easily be converted. 
  • Top – I know I just talked about the crop top & skirt combo in my breakup outfit, but it really is a staple in my more formal outfits. No need to tuck anything in and worry about baggy pieces. This black shirt is especially nice because of the high neckline (perfect for wearing statement jewelry) and long sleeves. 
  • Skirt – The show piece of this outfit is of course this modern floral print skirt. It’s just below the knee and high waisted, two things I love, but the print is what does it. The cool red and blue make it perfect for fall and winter so you can wear your floral print in the cold weather. 
  • Sunglasses – Since this is a floral outfit (with a modern twist) I decided I had to bring in a bit of a retro vibe and these sunglasses fit the bill. The rose colored lenses and white frames add a little light to the outfit as well. 
  • Shoes – Booties are one of my favorite winter shoes. They have a nice heel (so I can pretend to be a giant) a seamless look and look classic. This specific pair has a cool design on the side I’m loving. 

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  1. Floral is something that I do…carefully. Some of it is gorgeous, some is really tacky.
    That skirt, however, is AMAZING. I want one!


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