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Book Review: A Cup of Dust


A Cup of Dust 
a Novel of the Dust Bowl
by Susie Finkbeiner 
Ten year old Pearl doesn’t understand a lot of things-why her sister’s brain doesn’t work right, why the preacher yells so much, why Jesus and the  president seem to have forgotten all about Oklahoma.  But she does know who she is:  Pearl Spence, daughter of the esteemed town sheriff.  Generous and always ready to help in a crisis, the Spence’s bring hope to this desolate town, and Pearl is proud of her family.  She knows who she is, she knows she is loved, and even in unrelenting hardship, life feels secure.  Not even the dust that sweeps incessantly across Red River can quench her hopes and dreams.
But someone else seems to know who she is , too, and he makes Pearl uneasy.  From the moment the mysterious hobo steps off the train and stares at her with his cold blue eyes, Pearl’s secure world begins to unravel.  How does Eddie know her name?  Why does he seem to hover everywhere she turns?  And why does he act like he knows something about her family that she doesn’t?  Pearl is determined to avoid him, but Eddie is bent on forcing his way into her life and disrupting her family’s shaky tranquility.  The more he badgers Pearl, the greater her confusion, until the storm within her rivals the swirling of dust and dirt without.  
Sue Finkbeiner is a stay-at-home mom. speaker, and author from West Michigan.  She is an avid blogger at and has presented or led groups of other writers at several conferences

Verdict: Something you might already know about me is that I love historical fictions, take for example Oswald Return of the King. So of course I was excited at the chance to review A Cup of Dust. Susie Finkbeiner does an amazing job of recreating not only the setting of the Dust Bowl but the feelings of the people that would be there. This strong female lead book is fun to read, with great drama and an interesting blot. If you like Abducted then this is a book to check out. 


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