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Book Review: The Midnight Visitors


The Midnight Visitors
by Juliet David
Illustrated by Jo Parry

A read-to-me tale for Christmas
Miriam the cow is just settling down to sleep when unexpected visitors arrive.
That’s only the start of a very special night that she will never forget.
This is a very cute story about the birth of Jesus told through the eyes of Miriam the cow.  The illustrations in the book are wonderfully done and there are lots of animals for small children to find and name.  The text has different repeating sounds that will delight a child to “read”.   One  interesting thing I noticed are that the building is called a cow shed rather than a stable or a barn. After some animal friends interrupted Miriam’s sleep when they asked to be let in for the night, a man, a woman heavy with child and a donkey were  given a place to spend the night.  The baby was born during the night and placed on some hay in Miriam’s  feeding trough ( rather than manger).     If you know the story of Jesus’s birth then you know that this is what you are reading about  even though the names of Mary and Joseph and Jesus are not mentioned  but Miriam heard the most beautiful singing that she had ever heard and Shepherds came to see the baby because an angel had told them that he was a very special baby.  

I think the book is  fun to read to a young child, but  I would also be sure to tell them the names of Mary and Joseph and Jesus  and have them tell you who they are on the next reading and use this story teach a bit more about the miracle of Jesus’s birth in a fun interactive way. If you like Bible and Prayers, or Bumper Wipe Clean Activities then this is for sure a book to check out. 


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