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How to Wear Cameo Pants

Top / Pants / Sunglasses / Bag / Shoes 

Somehow it’s already September and as much as I’d like to hang on to summer outfits I don’t think it’s something I can keep up. Since it is time to switch to cooler weather outfits I figured I could share a look for the fall / winter. I decided I could go with a cute cameo look that doesn’t look like you should be out in the woods hunting. 

  •  Top – Because the pants are printed I wanted to go with a more simple top. The white color adds a bit of femininity to the look and the knit texture is laid back and simple. 
  • Pants – I’m all about skinny jeans, something that you might notice from my other outfit posts. I love the lighter print that this cameo has and that they have a typical jeans fit. 
  • Sunglasses – After spending the whole day in the sun, I’m quite interested in sunglasses. Aviators are of course my favorite type to wear partially because of the vintage feel and also for my face shape.
  • Bag – Although I’d normally go with a fringe bag, for this look I figured I could make it very school friendly and go with a backpack. I specifically picked it for it’s light color and dark trim. 
  • Shoes – Booties are my favorite shoes for winter. I love this lace up pair especially because they have a wedge heel which gives you some height without making you feel unbalanced. 

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