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App Review: Pokemon Shuffle

Something you might know if you’ve read my blog for awhile either from my Nostalgia post or about The Adventures of Cyndaquil I’m quite the fan of Pokemon. So when I saw this Pokemon Shuffle mobile application in the iTunes App Store I immediately went to download it. Since I’ve been playing it for a little while now I figured I could share a little review about it as well as some pictures of my playing of Pokemon Shuffle. 

Starting out the game goes through a lot of tutorial stuff and honestly it’s quite tiresome. After the first few pop ups I stopped reading and just started clicking, but there were so many it was still annoying. Finally you get to the main part where you “battle” Pokemon. This is similar to Battle Camp  you match up the characters (as in pokemon) and the number matched creates an attack (with a few extra variables) which you use against the enemy Pokemon. If you defeat it you get a few coins (which can be spent on power ups or great balls) and then try and catch the Pokemon. 

Catching the Pokemon is where the game can get a little tough because while some are very easy to catch others take 5-6 tries. In addition to catching Pokemon on your board you can try and get ones in the special and super sections though these are pretty challenging. 

Overall I think it’s a great game to play to pass the time, and of course I love that it is Pokemon themed. 


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