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Running Outfit for Autumn Weather

Sports Bra (similar) / Leggings / Headphones / Tank / Shoes

It’s Fitness Friday, which means that not only do I have the day off from school (like every Friday this semester) but it also means a little added concentration towards my workout and weight loss goals. I’ve been skipping out on a few (almost all) of the weekly fitness posts I try to do but today I’m here, and sharing what I think it a cute running outfit for the fall weather, since we are getting into the autumn season. 

  • Sports Bra – As a female this might be the most important piece of any exercise related outfit. You want one that’s going to support you, as well as modest enough you can wear it by itself, on a run even through the city and of course it has to look cute. 
  •  Leggings – As the weather gets cooler, I quickly switch from shorts to long leggings. Although still quite thin (by pants standards) they do add a lot of warmth and some compression. Plus no worries if you don’t shave. 
  • Headphones – Listening to music is a very common running activity and one I frequently partake in. So of course when I saw these cute rosebud headphones I knew I had to add them to an outfit. 
  • Tank – Running tanks can be a lot of fun. They’re often loose (perfect for pairing with a colorful sports bra) and almost always have fun sayings on them. Very easy to take off or put on. 
  • Shoes – Next on the list after a good sports bra is a comfortable pair of shoes. Along with being comfortable I always go for a pair with bright colors (so people in cars can see you) and something that I wouldn’t mind wearing around town. 

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