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Trying out 2B Colours

 You might have recently seen some 2B Colours reviews over here, and I think it’s about time I tell you a little more about it. A few months ago I was emailed regarding this new to the to the U.S. brand  that’s in Ulta. I went to go look around at their offerings and made a huge wish list of products that I’d love to be able to try omakeup-blogger-sampleut, and sent this to the brand. Not too long after that I received a box in the mail full of neat products to try out from this Belgian company. 

I have to admit everything in the box I love, from the nail polish to the eyeliner and they’re all really affordably priced. And everything you see is available at Ulta!

1. Smell Me Nail Polish – When I first saw this nail polish I didn’t think that it would work, I mean doesn’t all nail polish smell pretty bad? However I of course underestimated it and not only do I love the color but it does actually smell good after it dries. 

2. Cheek Pop Blush – Blush is one of those things that quickly add a whole lot to a look. This color is a pretty pink that’s perfect for a day time look. 

3. Concealer – I’m not someone that often uses concealer but some days I need it. Under the eyes and and on the top of my nose, and this 2B version lasts all day. 

4. Black Edition Mascara – Although I’m almost religiously a drug store mascara user (they rarely let me down) I decided I would have to give the black edition mascara a try. I’m glad I did too because as it turns out it’s top waterproof mascara. 

5. Waterproof Eyeliner – I love using eyeliner both for my eyes and filling in my eyebrows so I was quite excited to put this one to the test. The pencil is soft and smooth and pigmentation is great. 

6. BB Cream – Unlike all the other products in my box I wasn’t given a full size BB Cream to test out just a little sample size. The bb cream is lightweight offering sheer coverage and feels good going on the skin. Wear time has been around 8 hours for me. 

7. Cat Eye Eyeliner – I think this might be my favorite product from the whole 2B box. I’ve never been the best at doing the whole cat eye look but with this felt tip eyeliner one swoop and I’m done. 

8. Hydrastick – One thing I know I need to work on is wearing chapstick (among many other things). This tinted one, with very cute packaging is just what I’ve been looking for. 

9. Mousse Foundation – I find a lot of foundations to be not worth wearing. They either wear off quickly or crack and cake up. This 2B Mousse Foundation isn’t your average beauty product. The coverage, moderate, lasts all day without any weird side affects. 

10. Holographic Nail Polish –  Last but not least the holographic nail lacquer. Although not full coverage like I expected this nail polish has a lot of shine, and sometimes sheer isn’t so bad. 


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