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App Review: Virtual Villagers Origins

I’ve had my own laptop since about the time I was learning to read (perk of having a software engineer as a parent?) and I remember always loving to play games from things like being addicted to Neopets  and playing Runscape straight days I’ve played around with my fair share of internet games. One that I remember quite vividly is Virtual Villagers, you know for those times I was on a break from The Sims. So of course when I saw I could download an app to play Virtual Villagers on my iPhone of course I immediately did so. 

Unfortunately Virtual Villagers Origins (which I’m aware I spelled wrong in the graphic) didn’t live up to my expectations. It reminds me a lot of The Sims Free Play . I liked doing the necessary tasks at first, starting research and farming but I quickly got lost. A few of the goals were easy and I even was able get a few of the mystery puzzles done in the first few days. And… That was it. I became completely stuck, killed a few families and didn’t make any extra progress. Even while “cheating” and moving up my time, I couldn’t figure out anything about the mystery puzzle pieces, so it’s been deleted. 


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