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Cute Fall Outfit with Moccasins

Top / Pants / Hat / Bag / Shoes
How to Wear Moccasins

Today I had to wear a jacket when I left for the morning which tells me that we’re officially into Autumn. So in celebration since, like every girl every, it’s my favorite season I put together a cute fall outfit. I made it casual, warm and comfortable, and especially for school but still something you can wear outside the classroom. 

  • Top – The first piece of this outfit was actually this sweater. One of my favorite things about fall is the oversized sweaters, so of course I added one. Plus the red color, and trendy shorter sleeves make it perfect. 
  • Pants – Skinny leg jeans are just about my favorite pair of pants to wear (only behind yoga pants). With a large sweater I thought they were a great way to go especially when pairing with moccasins. 
  • Hat – For messy hair days I love wearing a cute beanie. This knit one fits in with the color scheme and adds a little hipster vibe to the look. 
  • Bag – Since this was meant to be a school look, I did add in a  light colored durable backpack. Because both the top, bottom and shoes are fairly dark I wanted the big piece of this outfit to feel a little lighter on the eyes. 
  • Shoes – Last but not least are these very cute moccasins. I recently got my first pair, and let me tell you they’re all the ugg boots offer in a smaller package. The laid back look and comfortable fit completely make any fall outfit. 

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