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Outfit: Casual Fall Wedding Look

 Top (similar) / Skirt (link on how to make it!) / Shoes / Sunglasses

You might remember me wearing this skirt and sweater combo almost two years ago, though a lot has changed since then I think the look is a classic semi casual with a good teen and early twenties vibe to it. This time around I wore the look to a casual autumn wedding, starting out with heels and then changing into these moccasins for the reception. Though I was a bit cold in the evening since it was outdoors. 

Top – This cropped sweater is my favorite, and least favorite thing in my wardrobe. I love the green color and the short length, but the problem is that because it has a wide knit I always have to wear a tank top underneath. 

Skirt – I’m not usually a DIY person when it comes to clothing but my mother made me this skirt and I love it. It has a large white waistband (for sliming) and a cute ruffled texture that keeps it from seeming as simple as it it. 

Shoes – I talked about these moccasins with a plaid coat and let me tell you they’re even more fantastic for a wedding reception. It was a winery which meant lots of walking up hills and through grass, as well as lots of the normal dancing so I was very happy with them. 

Sunglasses – I have to say I didn’t wear these glasses to the wedding but for photos, since my eyes are so large, I decided to put them on. 


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