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Looking like Kendal and Kylie Jenner w/ Derek Warburton

 If you remember I was first on IndyStyle with Derek Warburton in March, and then was one of his models again in his Summer Hot List. So of course I was excited when he contacted me to be back on Indy Style for a fun feature How to Look like Kendal and Kylie Jenner. Because we were pre taping I was able to come in an hour later than previously and since I was early (like normal) I was forced to wait in the green room. When he arrived I then went to the dressing room and saw what Derek was going to put me in. 

After changing I then did my makeup. This time I had Mi Bella Reina to help me out, with a thick black eyeliner and red blush. The on went the boots (which although quite cute were hard to get on) and some pretty earrings. After Kia and I were done he went to fix up our shirtless bodyguard (sorry I can’t remember his name 😦 ) Of course this consisted of a man bun. Then on to the set, which I’ll admit wasn’t my best performance, but I’m very happy with my selfie with Derek holding his new magazine cover. 


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