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Book Review: I Hope You Dance

I hope you Dance
by Beth Moran

“My, mother always told me I had lousy timing.  Of course, she was talking about the Viennese waltz, the Argentinian tango and the foxtrot.  My current timing issue involved five Chinese businessmen and a psychological breakdown.”
All Ruth had ever wanted to do was marry David Carrington, the boy-next-door.  They would spend their days counting frogs and live in the Big House with the wonky dog.  Instead David broke Ruth’s heart and she left Southwell, promising never to return.  Fifteen years on Ruth has it rock bottom.  There is no way out.  Except one… Ruth moves home to face her estranged father, whirlwind mother, and the boy-next-door.
Beth Moran lives in Nottingham with her husband and three children,.  When she’s not writing, Beth helps lead a national women’s network.

My thoughts. Romances are always fun to read. However it often feels like the characters are too perfect, too strong, too a lot of things. Take for example Chance of Loving You. I mean sometimes you just want a character you feel like you could be. That character is Ruth. She’s relatable goes through a lot of trouble (more than I ever have) and you really root for her. Beth Moran does a great job making the story alive and even the sad parts make me want to keep reading. If you like another of Beth Moran books Making Marion  you’ll love this book. 


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