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Modern Day School Girl Fall Outfit

Sweater (even cuter!) / Jeans / Hat / Bag / Shoes

There’s always that one person that shows up in a school girl’s outfit for Halloween, and once I got past the awkward connotation that has I started to think. What is a modern day school girl outfit?, and so I came up with a cute middle school look. Of course it doesn’t have that school uniform vibe, and is something that can be worn out. 

  • Sweater – My favorite part of this outfit is of course this adorable sweater. I love loose pieces with fun prints on them so of course this cloud one fit the bill. 
  • Jeans – Denim is by far the most common thing being worn in a school, at least in the United States. I of course went with a pair that fits most dress codes, no rips or tears above finger tip length. 
  • Hat – Beanies are a cute look to a kid’s outfit (and adults too) so of course I added one to this look. I decided on this knit one that’s a neutral grey.
  • Bag – Of course every school outfit needs a backpack, something I hated as a younger student. But they’re so practical. I did however go with a more modern one in silver. 
  • Shoes – Although I’m not the biggest converse fan, I know that they’re very popular. I picked a color that would go well with the rest of the outfit. 

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