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How to Wear a Mustard Yellow Colored Sweater

Sweater (similar) / Jeans / Watch / Bag / Shoes

As a blonde (not including the time I was a Brocato model) I’m rarely able to wear yellow. However this autumn I’ve noticed a popular yellow hued color that is a little more forgiving for someone with flaxen hair, mustard yellow. Since I’m loving it for fall, I figured I could make it into an outfit guide for you guys with a bonus makeup guide for the look that I might be doing in future fashion posts. This look is one I’d wear to school if I wanted to dress up, for a casual date, or hanging out with friends. 

  • Top – There are quite a few mustard colored sweaters out right now but I wanted to be sure to wear one that wasn’t going to drown me, or be confused as an ugly sweater. So I went with a cropped version with a small pattern. 
  • Jeans – For this look I didn’t want the focus to be on the plants so I went with a medium dark wash of skinny jeans. 
  • Watch – I’m not normally a watch wearer (though I do like the Jord watch I own) to make this outfit more sophisticated I added a simple timepiece with a dark brown leather strap. 
  • Bag – Now this bag is the splurge piece of the outfit but I couldn’t help but add it in. The navy color ties in nicely with the jeans and the gold hardware goes with the mustard yellow sweater. 
  • Shoes – Finishing with the bottom of the outfit, I wanted to have a light brown similar to the mustard, without matching it. Even though I’d normally wear heels I still wanted this to have a casual feel so I went with ballerina flats. 
Lipstick / Eyeliner / Nail Polish / Bronzer 

And now for the makeup for this fall / autumn look. Because it’s a school and casual look I didn’t want to go heavy with the makeup but I did want fun and have a bit of a girly feel to it. I specifically made it to go with a mustard yellow but it’d also work well with oranges. 

  • Lipstick – Even though red is a great color on a lot of women and my go to, it isn’t so great with yellow. Instead I went with an orange hued pink, that’ll hold it’s own (unlike a nude that’d blend in to the look) without overpowering your face. 
  • Eyeliner – Since trying out 2B Colours Cat Eyeliner I haven’t gone back to using a brush and pigment pot. For this look I wanted a thin cat eye to offset the large sweater and add some femininity. 
  • Nail Lacquer – Nail polish has been one of my favorite “beauty” products for as long as I can remember. It can change a look with little effort. This gold color ties in some of the colors, and makes the look fun. 
  • Bronzer – Since Derek Warburton used a bronzer as a blush on me, I’ve been using the look in my daily life. Not only does it add color to the face but it contours a bit too. 

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