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Autumn Street Style, Animal Graphics + Patchwork

Top (even cuter!) / Jeans / Sunglasses / Bag / Shoes 

I know the autumn weather makes everyone think about bonfires, date nights, and food but for today’s look  I wanted to create a trendy, street style outfit that’s perfect for school. And maybe a little shopping around town. The look is modest, and perfect for a transition into a cooler fall (because right now it’s about 70 where I live). 

Top – Cute shirts are one of my favorite things, but most of the time they don’t come in adult sizes. This one in particular is a kid’s which makes it perfect for a crop top. The light color and square shape  balance out the pants. 

Pants – Now about those jeans. I’ve previously talked about the patchwork trend in an outfit post mostly about my hair extensions and when I saw it’d migrated to denim for the fall / autumn season I knew I had to make an outfit around it. To keep it from being drowning I did go with low waisted pant and being cuffed at the bottom. 

Sunglasses – Even as the weather gets cooler, I’m still all about wearing sunglasses. I went with this pair because they’re low profile and light colored, perfect for a transition into winter. 

Bag – Because the jeans in this outfit are so attention grabbing I wanted to make sure accessories like the bag are neutral, to make sure the look could be for school or everyday wear. This saddle bag, both non attentive in design and color fit the bill. 

Shoes – Pointed toe shoes are made to make your legs look longer, so of course I love them. This red pair of flats is fun and comfortable and gives this look an autumn fall feel. 

Eyeliner / Nail Polish / BB Cream / Mascara 

For the makeup to go with this look I didn’t want anything drastic (even less makeup than in my Mustard Colored Sweater Outfit). Something that’s mostly meant for school or work (casual Fridays?), not trying to impress your friends or a date. However I didn’t want this to be an “I just rolled out of bed” look. 

Eyeliner – I wanted to add in a little bit of eye makeup without going overboard and,  the perfect solution is a bit of black eyeliner on the waterline. It’ll make you look awake without weighing down your eyes. 

Nail Lacquer – White nail polish is no longer something that’s just for summer break. I’m using it in this patchwork fall outfit to lighten the look and make it feel a little younger. 

BB Cream – For some looks you want a pore-less matte finish, this however isn’t one of those looks. A good BB Cream will get rid of redness and reduce pores, while giving a bit of sun protection. 

Mascara – To make the look more feminine doe eyes are a necessity. So of course you need mascara.  



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