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Corporate Boat Building Event


In the past I’ve done a lot of traditional promotional modeling jobs, like working for Mystic at the Indy 500 or Kellogg’s for a Gymnastics Competition but when I was off school, I was called about an event and figured why not do it. The company that I was hired through (a third party) was terrible and gave me literally no details, other than a meeting place, but the man in charge of the event sent me a follow up email (I didn’t prompt him) explaining it all. 

I had to be there by 8 am, and even though the drive was about 30 minutes I left at 7. I’m so glad I did too, because the road I was going to take (basically the only road there) was closed without any detour signs. Eventually, after completely freaking out I made it five minutes late, which is awful for me since I’m awkwardly early to everything. Luckily though the man I was working for wasn’t upset. 

The place was a hotel, which seems shady until you realize what we were doing. He had me make my raw materials sign (I was running the shop) and I got some hotel breakfast food to eat while I did it. Then after a few team building things and him talking, during this time my job was taking pictures, they then learned that they’d be making cardboard boats, and would have to race them in the pool. 

I just had to manage the store, where they were each given $30 to spend, and negotiate prices with them. And continued to take pictures that are going into a scrapbook for them. Then it was time to race, where people were trying to pay me to do it for them”because I “am the lightest”. 

After that they gave out the certificates (I made them) and I got to leave early instead. I have to say that though I prefer the brand events (because the big perks), that corporate events are fun. 


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