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Outfit: Pink Sweater & Short Shorts for Class

Top (on sale!) / Shorts / Shoes

I keep talking about fall weather and autumn outfits but all of this week we’ve had sunny days and 70 degree weather, which is quite odd , and so I decided to bring back out my shorts (pairing them with a sweater) for an everyday school outfit. I took the pictures right before heading off to class (like my first day of class outfit) and decided kept the two bottom photos that were taken because I think they’re kind of funny. I would say that it’s because I’m not a model but…

Top – Although it might have been a bit warm for a sweater I felt like since it’s November I should get a free pass. I especially love this one because of the bright pink color, big knit style and because it’s super soft.
Shorts – As I was informed by one of my classmates (“are you even wearing pants?”) these shorts are a little on the short side, but they’re high waisted and so comfortable that I don’t even care. And they make my legs look 6 ft long.
Shoes – You probably first saw these shoes in my high low garden outfit and to tell the truth I’m surprised at how much I’m loving them. I’ve been wearing them out weekly.


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