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Fall / Autumn Running Outfit

Bra / Shorts / Hoodie / Shoes

It’s #fitnessfriday and I wanted to share with you guys a cute fitness outfit. Since the weather is getting cooler I wanted to make a look that is specifically for the Fall / Autumn season.  Of course one of my favorite exercise activities is running so that’s what this look centers around. Though I’ve been working on my makeup game (see my Patchwork Denim Look) this look is a for sure natural one.

  • Sports Bra – I wish that sports bras were every day wear, and although that isn’t the case yet (though sports wear as everyday wear is becoming popular), I always add them to fitness outfits. This pink one is simple and has the bright colors necessary for safety.
  • Shorts – Running shorts tend to look pretty gross in my option, either that or be way too short. I found this pair that’s a bit more modest and has a high waist. The black color is sliming and won’t show sweat.
  • Sweatshirt – Hoodies are an under appreciated sports wear item. This bright pink one is not only cute, but also light weight and cut well for running.
  • Shoes – Comfortable running shoes are a necessity. I love this pink and grey nike pair because not only do they perform well but they also look cute.


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