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Autumn / Fall Sleepover Outfit

Shirt / Pants (on sale) / Hat / Bag / Slippers

Normally when I do outfit posts I’m all about wearing things around town, on a date, or shopping, and even sometimes specific activities like watching leaves fall. So it might come as a little bit of a surprise that I’m sharing an outfit for a sleepover. While it is cute I was mainly going for something warm and comfortable for the fall.

  • Shirt – I love cute slogan shirts, or tanks with graphic prints however for this outfit I went with a much simpler shirt. It’s warm and soft and is a perfect staple in your closet. Plus it isn’t something you’ll regret when look back at all the pictures social media.
  • Pants – Flannel pajamas are my thing when it comes to cool weather wear. I love the elastic and  drawstring waist combo and the red color with bits of green makes me think of Christmas time.
  • Hat – If you’re worried about how your hair looks, or is going to look, a beanie is perfect. The big knit style gives it an even more laid back look and the white color softens the look.
  • Bag – Even though most sleepovers are minimalist in needs, because your friends should have everything, if you like me you over pack. I mean who knows if you’re going to need those fake nails in neon green? I love this bag because #1 its a duffle bag and it isn’t often you can use them in the real world and too because it’s cool texture.
  • Slippers – Cold feet are no fun, so of course I wanted to add a pair of slippers to the look. These are for sure house wear and very cozy looking.


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