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5 Simple Home Improvement DIY Ideas

Home Improvement
As you can see from my interest boards, and some of my latest posts. I love home improvement. I love taking on projects to transform a space in my house to look different or repurpose items around the house that you may not have originally thought of. In the past I even turned an old tee shirt into a new sofa pillow. Pinterest is a great tool to browse through to find potential fun projects. If you love to spend your weekends on Pinterest and like new projects for your home then you are my people and continue reading on!
Repurposing, reusing, or recycling items around the house is a fun way to lower your output of waste materials and it is always nice to take pride in do it yourself projects. First, look around your home to find any problem areas. Is your kitchen storage over flowing or you always have trouble finding when you need?
I found this clever fun way to repurpose old plastic coffee cans. Instead of recycling them you can convert them into new storage. Paint them a fun bright color and now you have containers to store your items instead of buying new jars from a store. Another way to gain more storage is use old Pringles cans! Follow the same process as you did for the coffee cans, paint the jars any color and then use them to store spaghetti, or pasta. Speaking for painting, a paint job to any household item can transform it’s look drastically. Make a weekend of it and go around your home, find items that can quickly be painted. Remember to buy the proper paint for any item you are painting. In some instances spray-painting an object will be easier that using a paintbrush, and normally dries faster.
Do you have a plastic milk cartoon in the recycling bin right now? Take it out right now for a quick mini project!  Rinse out the milk carton, afterwards find a needle and tape. Simply poke holes in the top of the lid of the plastic milk carton with the needle. Fill the jug with water, tape the top and close the lid and your done! You’ve successfully made a DIY garden pitcher!
The next project you can tackle is to start collecting your plastic bread clips. You can use these to help label confusing tangled cable cords. Write on the bread clips which plug is used for which electronic, and now when you look behind your TV each plug will be neatly labeled making your life better!
If you use contacts this trick will help when you are traveling. Instead of throwing away your old plastic contact holder save them and use them for storing earrings during travel! You can store them with various small jewelry however, earrings are an easy item to lose when traveling and this solution is both simple and brilliant.
Repurposing items can be done in a big family home in Montana, small apartments in New York or a Montreal condo and even in my house in Indiana!

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