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Autumn / Fall Bedroom Photo Tour


It’s almost Thanksgiving break, and like literally no classes on Friday and only two on Monday and I’m home for the rest of the week. In a sort of related subject I’ve been doing a lot of outfits for fall in the past few weeks so I figured that I could follow up with a mini blog post room tour. The above photo is of my bed. You might remember the quilt I was given for my birthday, as the weather has gotten it’s had to share my bed with two old comforters (from old room designs). At the front are a few stuffed animals and honestly this is my least favorite part of my room. It just looks frumpy, any ideas? One thing I am totally loving though is that Star Marquee Light from Ankit. It’s a little hard to tell in the picture but it lights up!


 Here’s a close up of the tray on my bed. I’d like to take credit for making it, but actually my grandfather did along with another tray I’m using in my room. It holds the very cute Ankit Kitty Mug,    the Minecraft Story Mode game, a notebook and my iPad along with cute Ankit floral headphones that are a necessity. 

 My little “desk” area. My computer at one side, a pillow to sit on along with a whole bunch of girl things. Both the clear acrylic containers are filled with makeup exclusively for a bit of a decorative feel I also put my Bright Baum tree and a flower painting. 

And that other tray I was talking about… This one is situated right next to my bedroom door and It holds a few skincare products that I use (others are in my bathroom), hair ties, bobby pins, makeup brushes, and other random accessories. It’s a bit like those junk drawers people talk about for their kitchen. 


Then my armoire. The bottom holds underwear, tank tops and t-shirts in that drawer order. The middle section has a few more skincare things, nail polish, and some jewelry. The top drawer has sunglasses, more skincare (I am aware I have a problem), different perfumes and a catch all for technology. The top has a light and a few random things. It’s actually just above my eyesight so I put things up there and forget about them. And I almost forgot there’s also a pillow here for my cat’s bed.  

Also  a big thanks to http://www.theankit.com for the fun things to add to my room. 

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