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Book Review: Beginnings



by Steve Wiens

Your circumstances may overwhelm you-but not God, who created everything from nothing.  God lovingly offers relief, hope, and renewed energy for every beginning in your life.  Join Steve Wiens on a paradigm-shifting walk through the severl days of creation, where he reveals how to apply the genesis of life to every one of your transitions.

Discover your place in the creation process and how God longs to wonk in and through every change you encounter.

Steve Wiens is the founding pastor of Genesis Covenant Church.  He, his wife Mary, and their three young boys live in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  He blogs at and podcasts at This Good Word.

Self help books can be a little hard to read. Authors tend to make other people feel bad about themselves rather than encourage them to do better and be better. So I was skeptical about Beginnings by Steve Wiens which was given to me in exchange for review. I was however impressed when I started reading it. Beginnings is a guide book that suggests and gives ideas. It’s well written and a solid read that you can easily pick up and read. For sure a book that you’ll want to share people of your church. If you like Christian Faith in the Old Testament or A Christian Survival Guide you’ll love this book. 


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