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How to Wear A Pleated Skirt in Autumn

Top / Skirt / Nail Polish / Bag / Shoes (similar)

Fall /  Autumn is my favorite season for getting dressed up. You can wear long sleeves and cozy clothing without having to worry about getting too warm and you don’t yet need big coats that cover up all your cute clothing underneath. I’ve done a few looks featuring Fall like a Sleepover Outfit and a Modern Day School Girl Outfit and so I thought this Guide on Wearing a Pleated Skirt, especially for the autumn fall season.  I wanted a look that’s young and feminine but still casual.

  • Top – Although the norm is a nice blouse with a pleated skirt I wanted something that’s not quite so uptight. So instead I went with a flannel plaid button down shirt. Reminds me a little of my Country Chic Outfit shirt, except a little more comfortable.  
  • Skirt – Pleated skirts might just feel like they’re for school girls and cheerleaders but that isn’t the case. I went with a standard black, just above the knee skirt that is cut to have a bit of a flow. 
  • Nail Polish – Although I’ve been trying to do makeup along with the outfit, I just added nail polish to this look. A simple black to match overall look of the outfit.
  • Shoes – To finish off this look, that reminds me a little of a How to Look Like Taylor Swift blog post I wanted to add a pair of ballerina flats. As much as I love high heels they just make a pleated skirt look wrong. These bow shoes however are nothing but cute. 


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