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Book Review: The Peaceful Wife


The Peaceful Wife
by April Cassidy

In today’s workplace, women are often rewarded for having Type A personalities:  driven, demanding, ambitious, and strong.  Yet when it comes to their marriages, those same traits can backfire.  After all, no one goes into marriage hoping for a promotion.  What is a wife to do?
April Cassidy knows this struggle firsthand.  She thought she was a great Christian wife and begged God to make her passive husband into a more loving, involved, godly leader.  Instead, God opened her eyes to changes that she needed to make, such as laying down her desire for control and offering genuine, unconditional respect-not just love-to her husband.
Cassidy’s conclusions may be as startling to readers as they were to her, but she and many others have learned to reorient their lives to biblical commands-resulting in healthier, happier marriages.  In the end, you’ll find the Peaceful Wife a powerful path to God’s design for women to live in full submission to Christ as Lord.
April Cassidy is a wife, mother of two, part-time pharmacist, and blogger in Columbia, South Carolina.  She grew up in the Southern Baptist church and graduated form the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy.  April started the Peaceful Wife blog in January 2012 and the Peaceful Single Girl blog three months later.  Visit her popular website at

My Thoughts: Something that I’ve often considered is when (and if) I get married what would be my role in that relationship. I’m currently studying for a degree that often results in a well paying job in a fairly male oriented field, and I have a fairly dominate personality. Ive been told I’m even a little aggressive, which is a trait that helps for school, and for blogging. For relationships, as a female not so much. The Peaceful Wife has a guidebook for feelings like these and is a wonderful look into what YOU can do better. If you like Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage you’ll love The Peaceful Wife. 


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