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Book Review: Messed up Men of the Bible


Messed up Men of the Bible
by Tina Samples and Dave Samples

There’s a cultural perception that men constantly mess up and women must fight an uphill battle to fix them.  Men are hopeless, ongoing works-in-progress, who aim for perfection but always fall short-right?  But what if each of these messed up men can actually reveal the mighty work of God?

Tina and Dave Samples remind us that the Bible is filled with a cast of men who struggled and fell, and yet were consistently used by God to accomplish His purposes.  These historic men faced the same emotions and questions that contemporary men face.  Through their lives, we can see just how God’s power is perfected in our weakness-then and now.  Personal stories, practical advice and useful exercises offer encouragement and hope for women dealing with the messed up men in their own loves.

Tina Samples is  full-time pastor’s wife and a registered music therapist.  She works on staff with her husband, and has led worship for over a decade.  Her first book, Wounded Women of the Bible was published by Kregel in 2013.

Dave Samples is pastor of Grace River Church, and has led many churches and church-related organizations.  He has been a regular contributor to a national blog for the Southern Baptist Convention and maintains his own established blog t  Dave and Tina engage with many hurting couples, speaking truth into their lives and marriages.

In what’s often a male dominated society, it’s hard to see biblical men making mistakes. I mean it was Eve’s idea to take the apple from the tree and eat it, and many more examples from there. It seems men are supposed to be be shining examples. Messed up Men of the Bible changes this thought process. It shows that men don’t have to be the perfect example for their family and that man men started out weak and were helped in the bible by God. Tina and Dave Samples make the book easy to read and offer a ton of useful advice. If you like The Peaceful Wife or Clean by Douglas Weiss this is a book to check out. 


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