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Book Review: Priceless Weddings for Under $5,000


Priceless Weddings for Under $5,000
by Kathleen Kennedy

Designing a wedding that is priceless, personalized. and perfect for you has never been easier.  No matter how many guests you hope to invite or what kind of setting you choose, you don’t have to take on big debts to achieve your big day.  Learn how to make every detail and dollar count with:

  • all-new chapters on envisioning your ideal event and finding the best deals
  • A questionnaire to help you decide on your top priorities for the day
  • Strategies for making-and keeping to-a budget
  • Dozens of unexpected ideas for booking a low-cost venue
  • Tactics for negotiating with caterers, florists, musicians, and more
  • Advice on what you can DIY to save thousands
  • Real-life couples’ wedding stories, including budget breakdowns

Priceless Weddings for under $5,000 proves you can create a memorable celebration and still end up with plenty of money for your happy future.
Kathleen Kennedy is a wedding planner, chef, and stylist who has designed and catered weddings and special events ranging in size form 2 to 600.  Kenedy’s award-winning cuisine has been featured in restaurants and catering venues, in print publications, online, and on television.

Weddings have always been a status sort of thing, and have increasingly been used as a sort of guilt thing for parents and even the couple themselves if they don’t have a wedding that’s “good enough”. Not even getting into all the shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings as well as all the celebrity weddings that are shared in gossip magazines and across social media, that are perfect. So I was immediately excited to receive a wedding book that’s about saving money for your dream wedding. From food to music and the location this book as tips to save money while staying classy. It gives you the inspiration to DIY your wedding. If you like Happy Handmade Home or The Negroni you’ll Love Priceless Weddings for Under $5000


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