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Book Review: The Body Under the Bridge


The Body Under the Bridge ( a Father Gilbert mystery)
by Paul McCusker

A former Scotland Yard detective, Father Gilbert knows about death.  But, as priest of a modest Anglican church in a small Sussex town, he didn’t expect it to show up like this – first in a suicide from the church tower, and then in the discovery of a two-hundred-year-old body beneath an ancient bridge.

The deaths are linked.  The mummified corpse reignites a centuries-old battle between two local families – the Todds and the aristocratic Hayshams – and the search for a legendary sword and ring that may have diabolical power.

Against his will, Father Gilbert is thrown into a mix of local violence and depravity, and the underlying motives of both the living and the dead.

Paul McCusker is an award winning novelist and dramatist.  His books and audio dramas have sold in the millions.  He lives in Colorado.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, I’m sure you know that I love a good mystery book. Especially books that have a little history in them. The Body Under the Bridge was the perfect fit for me. It has a strong main character, who’s also very smart (I feel a bit of a Sherlock Homes idea) and has great character. The story is a great read too and you’re not going to want to put it down. If you like The Reluctant Detective or Ashes to Ashes you’ll love The Body Under the Bridge. 


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