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5 Easy Tips to Make Traveling Easier

Packing Tips for your Next Adventure
In case you haven’t heard, travelling is the new thing amongst young adults. After graduating high school or completing their undergrad, many millennials will take some time off and travel the world. They want to see the world and experience new adventures and cultures and develop new perspectives on life. While many exciting things come from travelling the world, one recurrent problem that stresses many is packing. The thought of living out of a suitcase for weeks or months worries people; they don’t pack enough or they over pack. Packing smart can be tricky but with these helpful tips, you’ll master the art of packing.

Think Small
Whether you’re vacationing at a resort or traveling through the Amazonian Rain Forest, you want to travel light. You don’t want bulky objects taking up room that could be used for other useful items, so manufactures have made travel size toiletries, ideal for any traveler. Rather than carrying a full size shampoo bottle, investing in 2 small travel size bottles will be more practical and lighter. There’s nothing worse than carrying or lugging around a heavy suitcase.
Think Head to Toe
Packing is stressful and often makes people forget things. One way to overcome this stress is to think head-to-toe. For instance, when it comes to packing your toiletries, think of what you need in terms of routine. When it comes to packing your outfits, pack starting from what you’ll be wearing on your head to the kind of socks and shoes you’ll be wearing. This will simplify the process and relieve the anxiety of forgetting something.

Roll Clothes/ Vacuum Compression Bags
When packing, people tend to try and stuff as much as possible into their suitcase and what ends up happening is arriving to your destination, unpacking, and realizing that all your clothes have creases and you did not pack an iron. A good tip to avoid creasing your clothes and having to bring an iron with you (although many places offer irons) is to roll your clothes up. Rolling up clothes creates more space in your suitcase enabling you to fit more items. Also, putting your clothes in vacuum compressed bags will allow you to pack at least twice as much than if you were to fold your clothes.

Carry essentials in your Hand Luggage
Travelling can sometimes lead to your bag getting lost or broken into. If you haven’t had your luggage lost or stolen than you are lucky, but for those who have, I’m sure that one way to avoid spending the night without clothes and essential toiletries is to pack a spare in your carry on. Throw a supplementary pair of pants and other essentials in the event that your suitcase gets lost. For extra security ensure you use the best luggage locks to keep your valuables safe while travelling.
Pack Light
Talk to anyone who has traveled and one thing they will tell you is to pack light! There’s nothing worse than having to drag along multiple bags on your trip. Having spent thousands on your trip, you want to be able to enjoy the adventure instead of being frustrated that you didn’t pack lighter. There’s no harm is wearing the same clothes twice or even doing laundry at some point. For the trips where you will be gone for weeks or months, it is ideal to have one carry-on and one suitcase. You should only bring as much as you can carry because there won’t be anyone to do it for you.

Travelling the world can be fun but the experience will be even more enjoyable knowing that you packed properly and lightly. No one likes extra baggage so next time you plan a trip, be sure to follow these tips!

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  1. I travel all the time and till this day I cannot get the hang of rolling clothes to save space. It just ends up taking so much time that I just get frustrated and end up folding clothes the normal way, lol. Also I love your tip of thinking head-to-toe. I use that method when I pack and it helps me not forget anything, especially small toiletries.



  2. Great article, love your travel tips. I never thought to use Vacuum Compression Bags! Shall use them the next time I go travelling.


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