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December Casual Date Night Outfit + Makeup Inspiration

Top / Jeans / Scarf / Bag / Shoes (on sale!)

It’s finally December and while I already talked about Homemade Christmas Cards I feel like I can finally discuss winter outfits. So today I wanted to share with you a casual, trendy date night outfit specifically for December. It is mostly in a flattering black color (both for your waistline and height) with some cranberry red that’s always in for the Christmas season. Of course depending on where you live you might want to add in a jacket.

  • Top – When I saw this peplum tank top I knew I had to put it into an outfit. It has delicate lace details, a modest cut and Indian inspired fabric choices. Although not quite a crop top it does have a shorter length.
  • Jeans – While I normally like to do blue jeans, like in my Turtle Neck Sweater Outfit, for a date night outfit in the winter I think black denim is the perfect way to go. So of course I went with a mid rise skinny leg pair.
  • Scarf – My favorite winter accessory might just be a scarf, and my favorite type of scarf is of course the circle scarf. They’re just less to deal with. This large knit in Cranberry Red is of course a winner.
  • Shoes – To help make my legs a little longer I’m almost always up for a pair of high heels. These booties are especially perfect with the black denim pants.
Mascara / Eyelashes (cheap!) / Nail Polish / Blush Bronzer Duo
Since this is date night makeup it is going to have a lot of black in it. However that doesn’t mean you need to end up looking like a raccoon in the processes something that’s especially important since this outfit has a lot of black in it. I went for a look that doesn’t have a lot going on but is chic and sophisticated.
  • Mascara – Although doe eyes might be the trademark of Audrey Hepburn that doesn’t mean you can’t try the look too. It’s flattering on almost any girl. A nice mascara is a step in the right direction.
  • Eyelashes – Something I know a lot of people cringe at is false eyelashes. However for this look they help to give a little bit of a feminine feel.
  • Nail Polish – While most of the outfit is black, there are pops of red and I wanted to continue that with the makeup using this winter red Essie nail lacquer.
  • Blush Bronzer Duo – Because of the bright red scarf I didn’t want to add in a strong lip, however strong features are almost a must which is where this blush bronzer duo comes in for contouring.


  1. I really love the peplum tank top featured in this date night outfit guide – I love anything peplum, though this one is particularly gorgeous. It'd be perfect for a festive night! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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