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How to Wear a Turtleneck Sweater

Top / Denim / Cardigan / Bag / Shoes 

I’ve been loving the cool weather that’s just hit us and of course it has to have an influence on the outfits I put together. After seeing a gorgeous turtle neck sweater I decided it was the perfect piece to make an outfit around, especially since turtle necks tend to get a bad rap. I went with a chic street fashion look that’s perfect for any causal occasion. Plus it’s modest. A sort of How to Wear a Turtle Neck Outfit Guide. 

  • Top – Crop tops are the way to go when you have a lot of coverage elsewhere. It helps balance out the look, and keeping you from looking too covered. I went with a large cable knit because I think it’s more flattering and the olive green color because it kind of a non-boring nude. 
  • Denim – These jeans keep the look from being too uptight or going into a business casual zone. I wanted a light destroy wash to unpolished the look a little bit. 
  • Cardigan – Cardigans along with turtlenecks get a lot of talk about not being “hot” but this neutral cream color is cute, comfortable and helps keep the outfit modest, even though it has a crop top. 
  • Bag – You might have previously seen this bag my Thanksgiving Day Outfit Guide and let me tell you it’s a keeper. It has a long strap so it can be worn different ways and warm gold hardware. 
  • Shoes – Although I don’t normally make the shoes the lightest part of an outfit for this look I made sure to pick a cute pair of sneakers. 
Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Lipstick / Brow Gel

I know back when I did the Animal Graphic Print T-Shirt Outfit I talked about adding makeup to my look but up until now I sort of forgot about it. However with this Fall / Autumn look I knew I needed to add it. I went with a very trendy makeup look (per recent runway shows) and put together a light makeup board. 

  •  Eyeshadow – Nude shadows are just as popular as ever. How dark on the pallet you go depends on the occasion. Of course the lightest for school and darker based on the time and activity. 
  • Lipstick – Red lips are one of favorite makeup looks and this fall / winter season dark reds are in. Many of those runway makeup looks have extremely dark lips but I went with a more natural one. 
  • Eyeliner – To go with nude eyeshadow a black (or dark brown) a small cat eye on the upper lid is perfect. 
  • Eyebrow Gel – Luckily big eyebrows are still in, a look that I think is much more flattering than the alternative. If you don’t happen to have them a good eyebrow tint and gel can help. 


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