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Book Review: Influencer Marketing for Dummies


Influencer Marketing for Dummies 
By Kristy Sammis , Cat Lincoln, Stefania Pomponi with Jenny Ng, Edita Gassmann Rodriguez, and Judy Zhou

The easy way to get “in”with influencer marketing. Want to market to those who rock social media in order to grow your brand? With the help of this soup-to-nuts guide, you’ll discover how to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, engage with influencers in an effective way, connect with customers, and encourage organic and authentic sharing about your brand. 

  • Get the lay of the land – find out how getting sponsored content from influential online personalities can grow your brand and your bottom line. 
  • And the award for the best influencer goes to – discover why it’s almost always a safe bet to start with female influencers – after all, they rule household, social media, and social trends. 
  • The new rules of engagement – approach influencers with the irresistible offers, enter into mutually agreeable relationships, ensure great results, and compensate influencers the right way.
  • Find Your Niche – find influencers in every corner of the internet, from popular bloggers and Instagrammers to trendy Twitterers and Facebookers – and everyone in between. 

Kristy Sammis is Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Clevergirls, an esteemed influencer marketing agency that connects top brands with influential women online. Cat Lincoln is Founder and CEO of Clever Girls. Leveraging more than 20 years of Fortune 500 marketing experience, Cat has been a professional blogger is an in-demand speaker, presenting on social media strategy and leadership. Stefania Pomponi is Founder, President and Chief Evangelist of Clever Girls. Stefania has been responsible for leading sales/business development, inking key partnerships, and leading corporate communications and PR efforts. 

My Thoughts – I’ve been in the social media for a little while now. At the extreme end are people like the Kardashians with millions of followers, and at the low end hobby bloggers with less than a thousand readers. Influencer Marketing for Dummies is there to guide you through working with these people and everything in-between. This book has a lot of tips for working with a variety of social media sites and finding the best influencers.

Almost everything in the book fits well to what I’ve learned from my own trial and error, and what I’d accept from a business. If more brands / companies read Influencer Marketing for Dummies influencer marketing would go so much easier. The pricing is even correct from what I’ve done, and what my internet friends charge. The things they suggest are things I wish that more of the businesses I work with did. The only thing I’d change is reminding companies that when using Influencer created content (even when paying for it) you need to at the very least tag the influencer. 

You can get the book yourself HERE


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  1. Runway Heart says

    I'll be sure to give this a read! Thanks for sharing! x


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