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How to Wear a Slouch Coat + Makeup

Top / Denim / Coat / Bag (just as cute!) / Shoes

Today there were some snow flurries in the afternoon, which of course just gives me all the more reason to put together a cold weather outfit. For this look I channeled a little bit of a Taylor Swift look  with a striped shirt and denim as well as a little bit of grunge with the slouch coat and boots. All together I think it’s a modest sophisticated look that that’s perfect for this winter. 

  • Striped Top – If you’re not stick thin, I know I’m not, wearing a striped top especially with horizontal stripes can be hard. A black and white color will help a bit as will straight sleeves and a rounded neck. 
  • Denim – To keep this look as classic as possible I paired it with jeans. I wanted to keep them free of rips or tears, a medium wash and skinny. However a pair boyfriend jeans would also look cute. 
  • Coat – A big part of this outfit, now that it’s so cold out, is the coat. I went with a slouch coat which is as you can guess a little bit shapeless. I love the men’s cut and the grey color. Perfect to contrast with. 
  • Bag – When you have a lot of neutral colors in an outfit it’s fun to balance it out with bright pops of color. When paired with a lot of big pieces it’s fun to do a smaller statement bag. 
  • Shoes – To finish this look off I went with a pair of masculine ish black boots. They’re perfect for wearing over the skinny jeans. 
 Lipstick / Mascara / Scarf / Blush 

With all the dark colors winter makeup can be a lot of fun to wear. Since this slouch coat is a bit masculine it’s perfect to pair with cute girly makeup, and you can doll up a bit. I tried to incorporate a little bit the Fall / Winter runway as well. 

  • Lipstick – Dark lips are one of my favorite things from the runway this season. Of course to keep with the Taylor Swift vibe I made sure that it was a red lip color. 
  • Mascara – Thanks to the stripes a lot of eyeliner can make this look feel way too heavy. So for the eyes a dark mascara should be enough. 
  • Scarf – With the slouch coat featured in this outfit you need a scarf since it doesn’t really have a collar. This circle scarf gives it structure. Unlike in the December Date Night Outfit I went with a plain black knit so there could be a bigger emphasis on the makeup. 


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