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Workout at Home Outfit Inspiration

Top / Shorts / Hat / Socks 

With the cold weather we’ve been having as of lately working out outside isn’t nearly as much fun. Unfortunately this isn’t nearly as much fun as exercising outdoors but I just can’t stand it when it gets cold, even with cute running outfits for cold weather. So I’ve moved my work outs to the inside and of course want to share a cute outfit with you guys for it. It’s perfect for a variety of home gym or at the actual gym this winter outfit. Plus it’s very cute. 

  • Top – Whenever  I work out the last thing I want is a t-shirt clinging to me so I made sure to pick one that wouldn’t. This Calvin Klein top is perfect because it’s loose, sleeveless and of course I love the brand. Especially perfect for building muscle with weight lifting. I mean all the boys are doing it, with cut off shirts so why not have the stylish version to wear. 
  • Shorts – Big oversized sweatpants are some of my favorite “at the home wear”, however they aren’t so good for working out. So I went with a plain black pair of yoga shorts. They’re perfect for doing everything from doing yoga, to weightlifting and running. 
  • Hat – Although it might not be needed for an indoor look, this fuzzy hat was so cute I had to add it in. It’s perfect for taking those always necessary “workout photos” and for pre-washed hair. The warm ears this fuzzy knit hat will provide is also quite nice, and an extra plus of wearing it. 
  • Socks – Cold feet are no joke, and actually one of my personal pet peeves. For may indoor activities, these big fuzzy socks will be perfect to wear. And for activities that they aren’t, take going on a treadmill just put on a pair of tennis shoes over them. They’ll even give you a bit of extra cushion. 

 Along with the outfit you’re wearing when you work out something else to consider is what you’re going to be working out with, as in what kind of machines and or tools. Because you can’t just look cute to get the job done. Something I know by quite a few failed attempts. The gear you use can also be quite important, especially for competitions, either official or between you or your friends. Finding the right stuff can be quite hard to do. First you look at what items are for the activity, and then after that you start to figure out what you’re actually going to need and what is more of the fluff stuff. Once that’s all settled you start looking at the equipment in your price range. Normally there are quite a few options and they all look sort of similar, with a few variations. It’s extremely hard to figure out which one is better than the other. That’s where the survival and fitness review website can come in handy. They have top quality reviews, comparison charts to use, as well as plenty of tips, all to help you out. 



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