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Outfit: Long Blonde Hair + Sheer V Blouse

 Top c/o Znu / Jeans / Boots / Hair  Extensions c/o Irresistible Me

School has been absolutely kicking my butt lately. Finals are next week, I had my art final due today, have fluids labs to finish up, a statistics test and materials homework. And of course I still have to study for my five finals next week. However I figured I could pop in and share a cute outfit with you guys in between all the school work, which is actually what I wore to school. I’m normally not normally huge into getting dressed up for class (my uniform has quickly become yoga pants and sweaters) but since I had a presentation I decided I could try and look a little cute.


Top – Along with my Houndstooth Jacket this chiffon blouse was given to me by Znu. It has a sheer top and a black fitted cut. I am wearing a black tank top underneath because the sheer top is a bit low for me. The quality is great, and it’s a shirt I can see wearing with a lot of outfits.

Jeans – Although I’m normally more into dark colored jeans with my outfits, for this look I needed something a bit lighter. Black on black would be just a little severe for school (although not for finals week!). I love these super comfy light pair.

Boots – To give my look a more edgy feel, and keeping with the black look, I went with these combat boots. They have a bit of a heel and laced completely up.

Hair Extensions – I’m going to do a full review of this ponytail extension from Irresistible Me but I just wanted to show you how it looked. I picked platinum blonde and it matches my hair perfectly. Not only does it make me look great but it also looks so natural!



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