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Finals Outfit Guide for Winter Weather

Sweatshirt / Leggings / Scarf / Bag / Boots 

So lately I’ve been working on doing two blog posts a day. That is until finals came up. I’m free at the end of the week though so I’ll be back then. Until then I have a take home final for statistics to do, a weird test on Wednesday (I have no idea what to even expect) and my last final on Friday for Mechanics. It seems easy but I’m afraid of underestimating it. Anyways since tests and finals are all I’m currently thinking about I decided to put together a Wintertime Finals Outfit. 

  • Sweatshirt – Comfort is key during test taking especially when those tests are 2-2.5 hours long, much more so than style. A simple cropped jumper that’s easy to put on or take off is a great addition for any outfit during finals week. 
  • Leggings – Again with the comfort in something that’s above all else when it comes to your looks for the last week of school. Both while studying and during the test, and last minute project tweaks a skinny legged pair of yoga pants or leggings is perfect. 
  • Scarf – Circle scarfs are one of my favorite accessories. I’ve featured them a lot lately, like in my t-shirt outfit for school  and they add a cozy feel to your outfit and give it a little bit of a trendy feel. 
  • Bag – In my major almost all of my tests are open books and open notes, so I can’t just come into my final with a pencil and a calculator. Not that you want to do that, because you never know if you’re going to need something extra or some last minute studying before. 
  • Shoes – To keep the look from being too boring I wanted to add a cute pair of shoes. Shoes that are still comfortable. 


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