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Las Posadas Holiday Vegan Recipe

Before I get into another fun vegan recipe I figure a few of you guys might be wondering what exactly Las Posadas is if you aren’t Hispanic, or at live in a Latino area. Well first of all it’s part of the Christmas holiday, but a precursor to the whole opening presents under the tree ordeal. It is a 9 night celebration (from December 16-24) of the journey that Mary and Joseph took from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Lots of food, family and friends are involved.
Because I’m in the no meat club I originally looked at vegan Las Posadas recipes, but was completely unimpressed with what I saw. I then decided that this year I would make my own. Luckily I had a little help with my recipe from the wonderful people at HERDEZ who has an authentic culture for authentic food. With them I put together a totally vegan Las Posadas meal that has a whole lot of flavor, is healthy and easy to make.
Firm Tofu 16 oz pack
Soft Tortilla Shells
Chili Beans 1 can
1 Green Pepper
Sweet Corn 1 can
Vegan Cheese
*Dona Maria Mole

The first step is preparing the tofu. Because it comes a package with water you’ll need to drain the water and then dry it with paper towels. If you have a tofu press you can also use that although I don’t think its necessary. Cut the pieces into small strips and pour into frying pan that already has coconut oil heated in it. After starting to see the tofu change colors then add in half a cup of salsa as well as the spices, cook together on medium heat for 7-8 minutes before adding in the chili beans, corn and green pepper. The add another half cup of HERDEZ salsa and cook on low for ten minutes.

I also want to give a little shout out to the Crucible Cookware silicon kitchen tools you see above. They’re great for opening lids, using as a pot holder, and to hold the utensils I’m using to stir my meal with. Best of all when you’re done using them they’re easy to simply rinse off or throw in the dishwasher. Made cooking this Las Posadas Holiday Recipe that much easier! You can get yours HERE.


To finish off, heat up your tortilla in the oven, or if you’re in a rush (or lazy like I am) heat them in the microwave.Then add your vegan cheese, a bit more of Herdez salsa and tofu mix and roll up. On top of mine I added a bit more cheese, and Dona Maria’s Mole. My recipe is for about 6 people. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing flavors from the HERDEZ products. And they’re having an Instagram contest.

As this holiday brings family and friends coming together enjoying food and celebrations, HERDEZ® brand is holding a photo contest on Instagram. The Share in the Magic of #MisPosadas contest lasts from December 7th – January 6th.
Prizes are as follows:
– Grand Prize: Dinner prepared by a personal chef for up to 4 people in your very own home!
– 2nd Place: $250 Gift Basket
– 3rd Place: $200 Gift Basket
– Honorable Mention: Custom T-shirts
To enter, submit a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #MisPosadas that answers the weekly fill in the blank question.
More details on HERDEZ Las Posadas Campaign as well as their Instagram page


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