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Outfit: Holiday Dress for Christmas

Before we totally get into the photos I just want to say that taking photos in the winter is hard. Daylight is limited and the sun is never in my favor. Which is why all these photos are overexposed. I do think that a few photos with Joe the cat might make up it. 
 Dress c/o SammyDress / Shoes (similar) / Hair c/o Irresistible Me

Happy Christmas everyone and hopefully a great new year as well. I mentioned yesterday that Christmas Eve plans weren’t as expected during my 2015 charity post but it all ended up working out okay! I wanted to share with you guys my holiday outfit. With all the warm weather (for December) I didn’t even have to put on tights, let alone a coat. As someone who normally doesn’t get dressed up I loved getting to wear a fancy dress and putting my hair up all nice. I didn’t however end up doing my makeup (other than a little BB Cream) so don’t judge me. 


Dress – Just like the wig in my James Bond Outfit SammyDress was nice enough to provide this cute lace and satin dress. Although it is necessary to wear a tank top underneath the dress looks so elegant. The tie around the waist can be made into a bow where every you want and the fuller skirt is so flattering. Plus that red color is so in style for winter. 

Shoes – For this look I wanted to add a pair of shoes that were feminine and matched the dress well. Because the color matched so well I wasn’t worried that the texture didn’t. And with such a warm winter there isn’t anything wrong with open toes. 

Hair – I know I already talked about this hair in my Sheer V and Long Blonde Hair Outfit but I love it. It adds elegance to the outfit and looks completely natural. 


And a few photos of my grandfather wearing my ponytail hair extension. He says he looks better in it, but I’m not so sure. 



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