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Outfit: Instagram "Model" Off Duty Look

In addition to sharing a beauty secret I wanted to share with you guys an outfit style guide inspired by a group of ladies that everyone is familiar with, and more than a few celebrities fit into. The Instagram “model”.
Top / Jeans / Hat / Bag / Shoes

I’m a big fan of Instagram, so much so that according to my iPhone it’s what happens the vast majority of my battery life. Often while pursuing random tags, and accounts I end up at proclaimed Instagram “models” pages. You know what I’m talking about, those girls that have perfect hair / eyebrows and are in amazing shape. Probably because of this, they have millions of followers and are able to promote brands just through their Instagram as a full time job, along with a few club appearances that is. So in a little celebration of them (because aren’t we all a little envious) I put together a style guide of an Instagram Model Off Duty.

  • Top – As it goes with Instagram models less isn’t always more, but it’s still good to hid a bit. This long sleeve top with cut outs is cute and the crop top is perfect for showing off all the hard work put in at the gym. 
  • Jeans – Denim is still very much in for the girl next door sort of look. This light wash pair contrasts nicely with all the black and the destroy gives a more relaxed look, while the skinny leg cut is flattering for a model figure. 
  • Hat – Roots and bad hair days affect everyone. And beanies are a cute fix. This white one is a bit above the typical black and big knit and is perfect for the club type of girl. 
  • Shoes – Heels are always in, especially when it comes to models. But for Instagram models and a variety of other curvy type models height doesn’t matter nearly as much so for off duty looks are more relaxed, and these sneakers are so cute. 
Contour Kit /  Lipstick / Nail Polish / Eyelashes
A perfect body is made at the gym while a beautiful face is helped quite a bit by makeup. Something you’ll see a lot with Instagram models. While there are often numerous products I’ve narrowed it down to the top four, especially for the autumn / winter season. Instagram models tend to be quite on trend which is why this may look similar to the Turtleneck Sweater Outfit makeup wise. 
  • Contour Kit – Number one for looking good on Instagram is contouring. A powder kit is a wonder in this world and will melt away a lot of facial flaws while highlighting your best attributes. 
  • Lipstick – Dark red lipstick is just as much in for the Taylor Swift style as it is for the Kylie Jenner style. It’s a winter trend that has a timeless look. 
  • Nail Polish – for showing off your stacked rings and starting engagement rumors you need nice looking nails. This winter red color goes well with the lipstick. 
  • Eyelashes – Unnaturally long eyelashes are something everyone wants. I even had eyelash extensions put in, to get the look. A very easy way is with flash eyelashes that you can glue in and remove daily.  


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