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Outfit: An Umbrella + 2 Hair Styles

The weather has been so weird lately, but I have to say I’m loving. Compared to the alternative, last year there was at least a week of below zero temperatures, so even though it was raining I decided to take a few photos of my outfit. I did need a jacket though. This outfit is what I wore out shopping today and delivering a few more of those pet beds I talked about in my 2015 Charity Post
 Jacket / Jeans / Shoes / Bag c/o Baginc / Extensions / Wig / Earrings c/o Green Tree Jewelry

Jacket – As much as I didn’t want to leave the house with a jacket on, it was just a little too cold not to have one, plus the rain is a little less annoying on sleeves than on skin. I went with this cute peacoat that I’ve had around for awhile now. I love the color and the large buttons. 

Jeans – I wanted to go with a simple pair of jeans in a medium wash for this look. Of course they’re skinny leg to keep the coat from being overwhelming. The destroy fade keeps the look a little more casual. 

Shoes – I was given these shoes for Christmas and I love them. Keeping a silver (and gold) pair of shoes around is great for so many outfits. This specific pair is perfect because the pointed toe and slight heel make legs look so much longer. 

Bag – As soon as this bag arrived from Baginc I knew it was going to become a staple in my wardrobe. It’s vegan (although it looks like real leather) and is so high quality. The quilted front and metal strap are contrasting trends and make this bag wearable for a variety of outfits. 

Extensions – In most of these photos you’ll see my blonde hair, helped out a bit by Irresistible Me ponytail hair extensions. I’ve obviously been loving them which is evident by having worn them in my Holiday Outfit and Sheer V Shirt.  

Wig – I previously showed you guys this wig in my 90’s James Bond Outfit but Sammydress pressured me to show it again. I do like the wig but didn’t want it to have another outfit so I figured I could do a two hair styles in one outfit post. 

Earrings – Green Tree sent me a few earrings to try out so you’ll probably be seeing more in the future. This pair matched the coat well, and although medium size are super light weight. 



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