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How to Wear Clogs 70’s Style

Dress / Socks / Shoes

Happy New Year! In “celebration” of the start of 2016 I figured could do a guide to wearing clogs. Since my 1990’s Bond Villain look was so popular I decided to give this this clog outfit inspiration by 70’s trends. I wouldn’t call it a particularly winter outfit, except for this warm winter maybe since it’s been so warm, but it’s for sure a look that can be worn in cool weather.  I specifically wanted this Clogs 70’s Look to be a fun daytime look, but if you’re super vintage or hipster, it’d make a really cute date night or dressed up school look. 

  • Dress – I love paisley prints on everything from ties to sheets so when I saw this dress I knew I had to show you guys. It has a t-shirt fit (I’ve done a guide on wearing shirt dresses), making it perfect for a variety of looks. And I love the cap sleeves and high neckline on this dress. that make this a modest outfit. 
  • Socks – While I can stand cold legs, I absolutely hate having cold feet so I wanted to be sure to add in a pair of socks to this look. Instead of the typical no show ankle socks I picked a high length pair that is in bright green.
  • Shoes – The clogs. I went with a more modern pair that don’t totally cover the foot, and are high heeled. I love the silver hardware and the traditional materials used. 
Mascara / Blush / Eyeshadow / Eyeliner

While you can almost always see the 70’s fashion inspiration when someone’s wearing it, one thing you can’t miss is 70’s makeup. I wanted to give this 70’s Clogs style a more updated look but still stay authentic to the main trends, just tone them down a little bit. And so I tried to do that with this makeup, while keeping it from being too in-depth. 

  • Mascara – When you’re considering mascara and how much to put on, think Twiggy. The longer the lashes the better even if you can’t get as much volume. Of course in black. 
  • Blush – Pink blush was in during the 70’s but not to create the doll like look it’s often used for now. For a more modern makeup look, apply it high on the cheekbone, and use a bit more sparingly. 
  • Eyeshadow – Bright eyeshadow especially light blue was super in during the 70’s and this Clogs and Paisley look would be perfect to try that out with. To keep from being too over the top you can do a more ombre effect and use a lot of blending. 
  • Eyeliner – Potted eyeliner can seem a bit overwhelming, but when you’re trying to be precise it’s the only way. While the eyeliner isn’t quite as important as the right eyeshadow it completes the look. 

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