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Caturday: Paula in the Garage


These photos are a little old but  I wanted to save them for a #caturday and show you my grandmother’s new cat. She isn’t actually my grandmother’s cat though. She showed up at my grandmother’s house and as much as my grandmother says she doesn’t want to keep her and that she might not even be a stray, she’s totally leaving cat food out for her. Here’s how we met her. 

 During a family event my cousin’s daughter wanted to play outside so of course I had to go with her. Because it was raining we went into the garage which was where we saw this small calico cat. After coaxing her to come out, it took a little longer to convince her to let us pet her, my cousin’s daughter decided to name her.  Paul. Luckily I convinced her to change that cat’s name to Paula since as a calico she’s got to be a girl. While we were with Paula my cousin’s daughter managed to take a ton of pictures, most of which didn’t turn out all that well but I decided I could post them anyway. As you might be able to tell I was wearing my floral sweatshirt!

As an extra piece of #caturday I wanted to show you guys a picture of the mouse pad (get it?) that I gave my father for Christmas.  He’s always really negative so I figured that a mouse pad with a positive message would be good. This one comes in a few different variations, and is quality made. Plus it’s in a large side. You can get your own HERE
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