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What to Wear to a Lunch Date

Sweater / Denim / Sunglasses / Bag / Shoes

Winter seems like it’s finally come around so I can happily do cool weather outfits now, without just wishful thinking. So I decided to put together a look that’s for a date. I’ve previously done formal summer date, study date look and so I figured it was about time do something that’s a pretty typical first date, lunch. I made a guide to what you should wear on a lunch date. Of course the look is casual, and supposed to be carefree, but still look polished, and feminine. 

  •  Sweater – Big bulky sweaters are some of my favorite pieces that are currently in my closet. I love the grey shade of this one and the high v-neck, and the not quite long sleeve is perfect for pairing with your favorite bracelets and rings. 
  • Denim – These jeans look very similar to the ones I showed you guys in the How to Wear Chunky Boots Outfit Guide that I made awhile back, and are just as great. I love the high rise, the destroy texture, and the skinny leg for this look I’d be sure to cuff them. 
  • Sunglasses – Cat eye sunglasses are both fun, and thanks to the vintage feel they’re still sophisticated. The thick black frame, and dark glasses are a nice addition to the outfit. 
  • Bag – A hobo bag helps to keep with the relaxed feel of this outfit. It’s large enough to hold everything you’ll need to carry with you for the day.
  • Shoes – To match the bag I went with a similar colored pair of shoes, that happen to have a fun upper strap. I’m also loving the gold accents. 
Eyeshadow / Lipstick / Eyeliner / Nail Polish 

The makeup for a lunch date is almost as important as the outfit, and they both have to be fairly similar. Nothing too girly or glamours but you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Just a tad more then effortless and I’m sharing the top four things that’ll make the best lunch date look makeup. 

  • Eyeshadow – I’m personally not a big fan of eyeshadow but a good nude palette is a necessity for creating this casual but not too casual look. Of course be careful not to go too dark since it is a day time look. 
  • Lipstick – This slightly orange colored lipstick goes well with the light brown and gold colored accents through out the outfit. 
  • Eyeliner – The cat eye is still in, and it’s stunning on any eye shape. I wanted to make this a felt tip liner because it’s easier to apply and will give a nice thick eyeliner. 
  • Nail Polish – To match the grey sweater I wanted to add in a metallic nail polish. It will make the gold that’s throughout the outfit balance out and create a more neutral overall look. 

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