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Book Review: Green Smoothies


Green Smoothies
Juices, Smoothies, Nut Milks, and Tonics
By Fern Green

Kickstart your metabolism, fire up your mind, and promote whole-body health. Discover the health-boosting benefits of smoothies, juices, tonics, and nut milks. Find the perfect juice to help detoxify your body, enhance your digestion, or invigorate your metabolism. Energize your day with 66 easy-to-follow, quick, and tasty recipes. Learn simple ways to incorporate more greens into your diet every day. 

I read a lot of recipe / cook books (working on my #domestichanna behavior) and I expect this Green Smoothies book to look like one of them. You know big heavy and with a hard cover, like Citrus Sweet + Savory Sun Kissed Recipes but Green Smoothies looks like a novel complete with a soft cover and small size; I didn’t even expect it to be a recipe book. Green smoothies goes through the equipment you need, gives information about different green leaves, before moving on to tips to do a juice detox. Then there are the recipes. They’re of course simple but tell you how the particular juice will help you be it brain powering, skin enhancing, blood nourishing or a number of other things. This book is perfect for keeping up with your 2016 New Years Resolutions. If you like Bread Revolution you’ll love this book. 


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