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Outfit: Patchwork Sleeve Cardigan School Look

 Cardigan c/o  Shein / Tank / Jeans / Bag (similar) / Shoes

 I’ve been loving my winter break, which has consisted of a whole lot of television watching and eating foods that I really should be staying away from. I have ordered my books, yesterday, but my wakeup call was an email from my teacher telling us use we had to read about 50 pages before our class meeting. I’ve never had her for a class before but I’m getting this feeling she’s going to make my life hard this semester. But to “celebrate” my going back to school I wanted to share with you guys a cute school outfit. 


 Cardigan – Thanks to Shein (who’s products I love) for giving me this cardigan, which I’m wearing in a size medium for a looser feel. I love the high low feel and the patchwork arm pieces make the cardigan unique. The instructed feel is perfect for a relaxed look. Underneath I have a simple white tank top. 

Jeans – I wanted to make sure that this look was comfortable so I went with a high waisted pair of jeans with a straight leg. The light color matches with the grey cardigan well. 

Bag – I’ve had this particular bag for a few years now and while coach doesn’t have the same one I did share one that’s very similar. I love that it has the dual straps, and such a pretty color. 

Shoes – A new Christmas present were these pretty gold shoes. I love the sleek look and pointed toe. Perfect staple for my wardrobe. 



  1. Happy new year! Yikes, 50 pages before the semester even starts? Ick… sounds like it might be a time consuming class! I am taking the semester off from school and working on going full time with graphic design, so I'm relieved that I won't have to think about school for once in my life! I'm sure you'll do great and the semester will be over before you know it 🙂

    I love the outfit you've put together- especially that great cardigan. Fashionable and cozy looking 🙂


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