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Fitness Friday: Trying out SlimFast


So today is #fitnessfriday which means sharing a few of the healthy /workout related things I’ve been doing. I have been trying to work on loosing a bit of weight (which I mentioned my New Years Goals) so when I was given this little SlimFast kit by Influenster I was interested in trying it out. They do have a few social media share obligations (which are annoyingly pre-decided by the company) but I figured I could share more about the products I was given and do an actual review of the SlimFast products. 

  • Granola Bar – Although this little snack didn’t look to be very filling it actually was but better than that it tasted good. The chocolate tasted authentic and it actually had berries and nuts included. For sure something I’d actually eat. 
  • Drizzled Crisps – These had a bit of a caramel taste and were very good, however I wish they’d had about double the number because they just left me wishing for more. 
  • Baked Crisps – This were basically potato chips with an onion flavoring. I liked them a lot actually and think they’re a good replacement for the traditional snacking foods I have. 
  • Chocolate Smoothie – This is supposed to curb your appetite for four hours and I think that it does do that, but I couldn’t even get myself to drink the whole thing. It doesn’t taste bad, but not really good either. But that might not be a bad thing, so you don’t end up drinking one after the other. 
Verdict: The SlimFast approach seems to be replacing meals and counting calories. The food isn’t particularly low calorie though compared to just eating a vegetable as a food replacement. However for someone who is already into prepackaged food it is a better alternative. The one thing I could see myself keeping around is the Chocolate Smoothie. 

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