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Glittery Dress Urban Street Style

Dress / Scarf (on sale) / Tights / Shoes

Glittery Dresses are often thought of as something for the red carpet. You’d only wear it when you go to prom, or for a very fancy New Years Eve celebration. With the recent come back of the urban style fashion (and hair which you might have seen in my Wella rainbow hair) I figured it was the perfect time to share a glitter dress like we were talking about, but in a much more wearable form, urban chic style. Of course It’s still a going out look, and not a work our school outfit. But it is something you don’t have to be a barbie to put on, but it is for sure street style. 

  • Dress – This dress is gorgeous, and has princess written all over it, although that’s not how I’m suing it. The high neckline is modest, to balance out the short length and the sleeves are perfect for pushing up to 3/4 to make the dress more casual.
  • Scarf – A knit circle scarf is sort of a staple for a lot of looks this winter and especially in urban looks. For this glitter dress you’re going to also use it as a head covering (think more Starwars Hood not hjab) in place of a hat. 
  • Tights – Since it is winter a pair of thick tights is a necessity. Plus they are great for balancing out all the sequins in the dress. Of course you don’t want anything with a pattern because it’d be too busy. 
  • Boots – I already shared how to wear chunky heels, and this is another way to do it. I love the exposed zipper, platform height and lace up front that contrast well with the glittery dress.  

Eyeshadow Stick / Lipstick / Blush / Eyeliner 

Almost as important as the outfit pieces to make this glittery dress into more of a grunge look, actually,  urban street style is the makeup. It’s very easy to do a little too much of something but whole urban look is to be a little over the top but not messy. So I put my top four make necessities together for this Glitter Dress Urban Chic Style Outfit. 

  • Eyeshadow Stick – While it might seem like your regular smokey eye would be a good fit, the urban makeup isn’t as heavy on the eye makeup. So I went with this eyeshadow stick that has a light payoff. 
  • Lipstick – Dark lipstick is the makeup trend for this winter, and not just because Taylor Swift is rocking it. This vampire color is perfect to add a bit of old hollywood glamour to this glittery dress outfit without being too princess like. 
  • Blush – In an urban chic look blush is used for contouring instead of the normal palette that’s more Instagram Model. This red color is like the dark lipstick and perfect for the look. 
  • Eyeliner – Both upper and lower lined lids for this look are to be done. I went with a jet black color, although a grey would also look good depending on your skin / eye color. 


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